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Abhyangh Kuvalekar | The Artistr’epreneur

Abhyangh Kuvalekar | The Artistr’epreneur

How much importance will you give the word ‘grooming’ in your life? Surely it’s a part of the everyday growth of an individual right from childhood. We speak about hygiene, both physical and mental, personality and other factors of development but knowing the right things and the right way is so much significance. Meet our very own city star Abhyangh Kuvalekar, a man who has worked most of his life grooming and training over 10,000+ aspiring models and individuals, giving wings to their professional and personal journeys and helping some achieve their dream careers in modelling, acting and art.

You can’t expect more from someone who has been a part of 5 National award-winning films, and 1 Oscar-nominated film, been listed in India’s Most Handsome Men, receiving various awards like ‘Kalatirtha Puraskar’ and ‘Chitrakarmi Puraskar’ and being the proud owner of a production company winning 6 International awards, Abhyangh has done it all. With his entrepreneurial ventures namely Abhyangh’s School of Model Training and
Abhyangh Kuvalekar Productions he seems to be leaving no stones unturned. To him, grooming is as important as any college or formal education as it changes the way you look at the world and how it looks back at you.


Abhyangh has always been inclined towards modelling, fashion and films and it has been his life as he breathes and lives it every day. His average day comprises of meditating and working on his endeavours. He gets his inspiration from life and people representing all walks and paths. The greatest lesson that he learnt after his father’s death was to follow his heart and keep belief on the path you choose. If you have the will, you will definitely find a way out even if one door of opportunity seems to be closed.

The Entrepreneur

Abhyangh’s School of Model Training and Abhyangh Kuvalekar Productions was not just an idea but a passionate life which led him to realize his motto of being the best at what he does. It was always an action plan to be implemented as the school was started to give a better perspective to new upcoming talents and to give them a right direction. The production house was started with the intent to produce interesting films with unique stories and creative TVC’s. They always try to express offbeat stories which can be reached out to people to make a difference.

Servitude to Passion

As an artist’s life can be pretty tedious, limited means to so-called job opportunities, Abhyangh with his school and production house is slowly trying to bring in the change in this scenario. He believes that passion is the fuel that can take you distances. One needs to be passionate and determined enough to achieve what one wants. He also believes that reading good content is an important aspect of an individual’s life as it adds value to one’s belief. With completed multiple national and international publications we just can’t wait to see what his next venture would look like.

Contributor: Kashish Ambekar

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