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Lakshmi Sreenivasan | Let this Cafe Counsel you!

Lakshmi Sreenivasan | Let this Cafe Counsel you!

Mental Health related problems are widespread. The unheard voices, emotional pain, traumatic stories, grief, anger, depression, fear and many such negative emotional states are always ignored and stigmatised. The very foundation of a capitalist society is breeding profits, no one thinks let alone knows what they are going through emotionally or even need help. We often find ourselves at a loss for words when it comes to issues which at times we don’t resonate with, Depression is one of them. The deep understanding of this subject and knowing social anxiety after the gruelling and untimely death of her sister due to cancer she realized and that led to the birth Café Counsel an initiative by Lakshmi Sreenivasan.

Café Counsel Consortium

Let not the extended alliteration amaze you, it’s about making mental health accessible in the most convenient and confidential way. Stress, anxiety, fear, depression are emotions we chose to suffer silently, no ear to hear, no voice to empathize, an eye of judgment is what probably Lakshmi understood as it is prevalent in 30 out of 1000 people in urban areas. The very feeling of Café Counsel being anonymous adds on to its prerogative. They aim to create a complete mental health eco-system, which can help in eliminating social stigma by creating awareness and offering an opportunity for people to share and seek professional help. It’s technologically equipped, web-based platform wherein one can call, video call or chat with counsellors that possess systematic scientific methodologies to ease someone of negative emotions.

A lady on a Mission

As per a report published by the Indian government, more than 180 million Indians need mental health care. Lack of awareness regarding symptoms, lack of credible information regarding treatment, inaccessibility of mental health experts, and high treatment costs are some of the leading factors that are holding many of us back from seeking treatment for our mental health problems. Lakshmi is trying to address this roadblock through her initiative café counsel in order to build a better society. Competition coupled with uncertainty is ripping away the very foundation of “joy and hope”, the most essential ingredients of fulfilling and a happy life. One can choose to attend the free sessions at a café and if it works can pay for future sessions. She aims to reach out to the masses by launching her B2B programs and a mobile application (in testing phase), extending help to those I need.

The Magic behind the inspiration

Lakshmi has always been intrigued by learning to control our mind while we learn to control our external environment since the subtle science has a lot to offer pooled in by café counsel. Practising Psychotherapy since 2008 she has managed to come across and heal people of their worries. Today café counsel has been able to help over 500+ individuals for various life problems. She stands by the thought “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” The toughest part of her journey was to change the mindset of people one person at a time and also to allocate her funds effectively. In future Lakshmi looks forward to spreading awareness and gain contributions towards her benefit, she wants people to realize that the brain is as important as any other organ and one should learn to treat it well.

Visit www.cafecounsel.com for more information about their team and sessions that they have to offer.

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