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Jyotika Bijlani | The Radio Girl

Jyotika Bijlani | The Radio Girl

Who doesn’t listen to radio? How could one forget tuning into your favorite frequency to listen to the latest tracks in your car or at home early in the morning and for some of us late at night? It has and will be an integral part of our lives. Going viral is the new thing! Radio does that too (remember Malishka’s ‘Sonu’ video?) But this story is not about her. This one gives us the reminder of our Sulu (played by Vidya Balan) and her strong belief reflected from the dialogue ‘Mein Kar Sakti hai!’ (I believe I can do!)

This story is about Jyotika Bijlani well known as RJ Jyo who started her journey in 2007 with Radio Mirchi. That’s almost 11 years back when radio was looked at as an ‘offbeat career’ for women. Not today, as the mindsets have changed with changing trends in market. Her career choice of being in this industry was not encouraged by many, especially when you are from a small city like Nasik and venture into new cities exploring your choices. Her biggest inspiration was and is her mom who not only supported her but also encourages her to give importance to career building and professional independence. We looked back at her journey and share some of her experience with our readers.


Woman on a mission

Being a girl in a strange city has its own charm. Parents’ dialling you when you were late at work, your boss dropping you off as it was not safe to travel at night and working in high-pressure situations are just a few things you can name. As an RJ, gruelling life was not something Jyotika was afraid of. Patience was the key for her, patience in everything. They say it doesn’t matter what heights of success you ever reach up, you should not have given up
on learning. Life’s a great teacher and Jyotika learnt every bit of it every day, all she had to do was observe.

Today, having worked with Red Fm and currently working with Redtro FM she is brave enough to try different things, take risks that could be of prime importance when you wish to upgrade as an individual. As a team player, as a boss and as a leader she has grown leaps in the industry as ‘on-air talent’ and an execution professional. She has also discovered her love for scripting and boy everyone appreciates her efforts.

True calling

Jyotika was in sync with the concept of ‘true calling’ but then stumbled upon work that started to love. Although Jyotika believes in changing trends of the markets, love for her profession is imperative. Challenge is often to walk away from your comfort zone, from cultural and language changes to even changes in the place one lives at. Challenges are always there with change.

Jyotika today and she 14 years ago would be different. Today one doesn’t need to be a doctor or a banker just to call it a profession. She being from a humble background and taking over our hearts sitting in a radio room is inspirational. Following her heart and living by the motto – There are a hundred reasons to not get a job done, but just one reason to do – that ‘YOU’ want to do it.

Her words of wisdom to all the youth out there “Don’t forget! The moment a potato stops growing is the moment it is plucked and turned into a chip”. Well said and waiting to tune into your next program.

Contributor: Kashish Ambekar

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