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‘Responsibility’ – Change your persepctive

‘Responsibility’ – Change your persepctive

Whenever you are given a responsibility, it feels like a burden. There is a certain amount of stress related to this word itself. Why is that? What if you change your meaning of the word in your mind? Would that work? Well, according to scientific research it does. The dictionary states, “the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or having control over someone”, as the dictionary meaning.

Now change it in your mind to, “the ability to respond”. It is a mere break up for the word, response + ability. While the dictionary meaning reinstates a stressful state of the mind, the other one can instil a sense of empowerment. It gives you the power to create a sense of ownership towards your task without the fear of it becoming a burden.

Now if you just glance around and take a look at any person you admire, you might see how they too employ the latter definition. This is one of the perspectives of some of the world’s highly regarded entrepreneurs.

Contributed by: Dr Manaswini Verekar

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