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Sayali Shende | Crackerjack Training & Consulting

Sayali Shende | Crackerjack Training & Consulting

Have you been of a corporate training program and felt like not getting ‘how certain solutions need to be implemented at your level? If yes, then you are a part of the ‘non-contributing’ factors in the organization. Addressing just that, Sayali Shende, founder of Crackerjack Training and Consulting came up with an innovative approach and methodologies where individuals become change makers at every level of being personal and professional development. In turn, these bring a positive effect on organizational goals too!

People facilitation is not understood contextually. For most companies, it’s about training modules or programs. Managing change is informing employees to do things differently in hour-long meetings in closed rooms. There is very little scope for questions on individual level let alone improvisation.

At Crackerjack, Sayali intends to change people’s life by touching their minds and liberating them of various thoughts. It’s all about the motivation to bring about change effectively and the euphoria that she gets after an intense training session is something she looks forward to at the end of the day.

The Facilitator Roles

Sayali focuses on more diligent tasks like interventions in the areas of personal, role and organizational effectiveness. Most of the individuals in a corporate setup resist change. The organizational culture also plays a prime role in any training program to be effective. She emphasizes that if one can’t be a contributor, change cannot be seen on in the big picture.

In her training sessions, it’s about igniting the feeling of empowerment amongst the participants to make a change and create a future for them. She acts as a catalyst by active listening, rapport building, and effective questioning techniques to build common skill sets in different styles. Couple this with a commitment to learning and an intention to experiment with creative approaches to facilitation.

Sayali believes that one needs to look deep inside one’s own self and work on small steps of improvement. Introspection is the key and the answer always lies within you no matter the problem.

Corporate health and well being

One woman who decides to leave her job and starts a consultancy in people facilitating shows that it’s never late to do what you feel is the need of the hour. They say faith can move mountains, imagine a difference made by one individual to change the lives of so many so silently. The very fact to observe the work environment and internalize learning is inspiring in itself. Today Sayali finds it important for companies to instil the need for developmental intervention to boost employee productivity rather than a tick their yearly training calendars. She would rather do something that would make her happy by being the real change maker instead of just being called just another corporate trainer. Well done!

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