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Ameya Waingankar | Sporting Self Defence

Ameya Waingankar | Sporting Self Defence

Women today are educated and can defend themselves says the world. It’s good to be optimistic, but then the same kind of people will look down upon a rape victim or belittle a sexually assaulted person. Is this education is all about, so much for illiterate educated people around the world? Ameya Waingankar, who has won multiple awards internationally with a gold medal in the World Karate Championship in London and more than 100 national and international awards in the sport of karate, is trying to bring in the change through his startup – Their services cater to a comprehensive range of learning solutions along with High Impact Personal Breakthrough sessions like Self Defence Training and Cardio Kick Boxing which includes unique customized transformational solutions. He is also involved in motivational training, team building programs and communications skills training.

Ameya is a very passionate person who likes to do things which can add meaning to someone’s life. Corpfusion was started with the same ideology and to cultivate power so as to create nothing from something. Ameya believes that Indian women need to gain strength as it will lead the country to be stronger. The moment of truth for Ameya was the 34000 rape cases reported in India which shook him internally so as to address it. Corpfusion at the same time leverages this expertise of his to offer multiple programs suitable for a woman in today’s world. Tailor-made programs for corporate and group events can also be a part of the curriculum if requested.

They say hope is the only thing stronger than fear and a strong body encapsulates it, at Corpfusion they try to abide by it as staying flexible is what Ameya always dreamt of since it helped him to be organised and prepared for any challenges that came his way. One thing he wishes the 65 % youth of the country is to live by the motto – ‘To be strong enough to stand alone, be smart enough to know when you need help & brave enough to ask for it’. Ameya wants to train at least 50000 girls through his organisation Corpfusion in the next 5 years so that they are self-reliant and can have the courage to take on any challenge that comes their way.



Lastly what really matters is being organised and Ameya believes in being methodical and strategic about his ventures. His dates are usually outlined at the beginning of the week and if there is anything which requires urgent attention, it just might be already anticipated. His own company United Budokan Karate Academy has been serving in the same field for over 9 years now and it still thrives on the never-ending determination. This is a great lesson to learn and move together in one aspiration of united and free India since someone in spite of his tremendous individual achievements is trying to make a difference in the society. As he rightly says ‘Go for it, it doesn’t matter how it ends. After all, it’s an experience!’

Contributed by: –Kashish Ambekar

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