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Sunanda Verma & Vandita Purohit | The Daftar – putting a heart to ‘office’

Sunanda Verma & Vandita Purohit | The Daftar – putting a heart to ‘office’

When you think it is time you decide to start something of your own many thoughts start hovering in mind. But the prime question arises, ‘Where do I work from? I do not have an office’. One feels tired of running and battling out the work/entrepreneur culture. This is exactly what Sunanda Verma Bhatta and Vandita Kedia Purohit went through when they jumped off their mundane corporate jobs and decided to start on their own as they wished more from life.

Today, the idea of co-working is not new to the city and has definitely caught on amongst the millennial. The typical ones are based out of IT parks, tall buildings, large floor plates and again leading to the feeling of being in a formal office all over again. Although they intend to provide shared space for start-ups and other companies, the feeling of working together and collaborating in the real sense is the missing factor.

As a famous quote says, ‘The brave might not live forever but the cautious never live’. This is exactly what Sunanda and Vandita chose to do –Be brave and start doing. They built a workspace with a belief that if like-minded people with bigger intent come together, they can achieve more than what they could do alone. Giving a format to this very belief led to the inception of ‘The Daftar’ – A community of individuals, professionals and teams from diverse backgrounds who work together and help one another to be sustainable in their own business areas.

The Daftar: – Connect – Collaborate – Co-work.

The Daftar launched in Oct 2015 treated itself like a start-up and after exploring many options, positioned itself as a community-based co-working space designed not only for the MNC’s but also solopreneurs, freelancers, consultants and self-employed professionals. It offers all the usual infrastructural facilities like WiFi, Conference Room, Tea/Coffee, Fully Equipped Pantry, Training Room, Relaxing Zone and Power Backup. But more than that, it is the creative and inspirational culture of this place that makes it special. Couple this with the amazing engagements planned each month for all the Daftarites in form of Workshops, initiatives like Brainathon, Meet-ups Networking Events and Mentor Programs which has become their USP.

In their journey, there were some faltering moments for both our sheroes but strong goals and periodic reviews sorted many of the missing elements at The Daftar. Their trial & error work style and organic approach have made it a working concept and a successful business model in itself.

The Mission

So much for a business initiative to materialize eh! For Sunanda and Vandita what really matters is people coming together to build a community, working together, collaborating to join hands and work for mutual benefit. Inspiration stems from being independent and working in your own convenience is liberating in itself. With all infrastructural needs met, Daftar is based out of 3 locations, 550+ members, over 100 events with a pool of mentors and advisers, it is the next big thing we need to look out for. They aspire to create a community of 1 million co-workers across 100 locations globally.

The Daftar for you – Dynamic, Modern yet Comfortable, having a personality of its own. Creating a close-knit community is a never-ending process combined with a great business model showcases a huge potential. The overwhelming response with The Daftar has certainly taken these 2 ladies at greater heights.  You can visit for more details.

We wish all the very best to Sunanda and Vandita for their future endeavours.

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