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The Power of Values

The Power of Values

Attending a funeral is not an experience one looks forward to. But it is interesting to see how people talk about the deceased. Stories about the one who has passed can tell even a stranger what type of person he or she was. It gives you a glimpse into the values they lived by, whether they loved, hard working, helpful, understanding, accepting, etc.

Now, jot down what you would want people to say at your funeral. Once you are done with your list, analyze it. Ask yourself if you are living these values every day. You might have some values that you try to live by, some that are a part of your personality, and some you aspire to have. To live the life that you want, the first step would be to start living by your list of values. This is going to instantly mould you into the person you want to be.

Remember that values are closely related to self-esteem and self-worth. You will soon realize that each time you go against your values, you hurt the way you view yourself and in turn your esteem and worth in your eyes. This will help you continue on the value-oriented path and eventually create a person people look up to.

Contributed by: Dr Manaswini Verekar

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