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Zahabbiya Walbeek | Y’Phoria – The Yoga Community

Zahabbiya Walbeek | Y’Phoria – The Yoga Community

One can’t help but notice every second or third picture on social media to be revolving around someone hitting the gym, flexing their muscles or some showing off their summer body. Health is definitely taken a lot more seriously today as we did a few years ago. Being fit and having a healthy mind is the new euphoria in people’s life. If you notice, celebrities having a healthy body and mind swear by yoga, especially the older generation. In India Baba Ramdev swears by it but what about the younger counterpart? Well, Zahabbiya Walbeek, a professional yoga practitioner came up with a twist to her yoga interventions. She added various fun initiatives to make her sessions more than just yoga. All this with a foundational principle to educate people about yoga, its benefits and a lifestyle that brings balance to an individual’s well being.

So how is she achieving it? Simply by fusing Yoga with all the modern concepts that usually work for people to come together and be a part of a healthy community. She introduced Y’Phoria in the city which uses yoga as a powerful engager to socialize, meetup and community building to accept it as a lifestyle. Here’s where people can network after a power Yoga session. This gives a chance not only to rejuvenate by focusing on mind and body but also meet new people from various walks of life and work once the session is over. Yoga Social immediately became a hit. She also took it outdoors where people could take a break from their routine lifestyle and have a unique experience while learning yoga. Y’Phoria is currently growing leaps and bounds; it has a community of 500+ people and changed their
lives for the better since 2013. Their motto –‘To smile and live by the minute’

Y’Phoria follows a simple principle of inclusion of various activities which can complement yoga, creating an experience for all the participants and further achieving individual health and well being through the age-old benefits of yoga. Y’Phoria strives to gives back to the society and what better than health eh? Along with this they also run different programs based on Principles of Yoga for corporate groups, community classes and 1-on- 1 session.

For Zahabbiya practising Yoga is not just for a healthy body and mind but for pure satisfaction, rather internalization. Her style is accepted by many by the simplicity with which she practices it. For someone so simple in their approach, life is what spreads smiles and laughter and add value to the regular patrons who seek freedom from illness or just fatigued. It not only helps her maintain her training as well as help others achieve what they wanted through it. Besides, it added meaning to her life – to help people achieve their health goals while keeping in mind their limitations and weakness. Motivating people to overcome their fears, become stronger and flexible to be a balanced person was the goal she is trying to achieve through this initiative. The best part is that it is for everyone! No age, caste, gender is a barrier to be healthy.

In Zahabbiya’s words, the idea of being healthy and light on your feet should be followed by the younger generations. Go try out the various sessions offered on www.yphoria.com and you just might find the secret to having a healthy and beautiful mind.

Contributor: Kashish Ambekar

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