Speakiyo is your voice to inspire others

We are an online notice board style mini mag where we speak to inspire others by sharing real stories about start ups, entrepreneurs, their path breaking products and services, working concepts, social causes, innovations, art and artists, and individual change makers contributing to the society at large.

We seek amazing write-ups of modern day heroes who are trying to make this world a better place to live. Feel free to connect with us if you have a Speakiyo to share.

Speakiyo is your voice to express

This is your place if you aspire to inspire readers with your experiences, knowledge, tips, tricks, hacks, trends, anecdotes, ideas and inspiration to the world.

Speakiyo is your way to connect

Create your profile and join different forums to pour your words with different themes and hot topics for the month.

Speakiyo is your place to contribute

If you become a Speakiyo Journo, we have a different sign up process. Under this, you will be responsible to contribute your committed number of stories or articles and will be remunerated as per our various levels and milestones. Be assured that your journey will have a lot of excitement. 

What’s new with Speakiyo?

  • Speakiyo write-ups are short, crisp notice board style read-ups which may be around 4 min or less reading time.
  • We make sure that we moderate all content being published on the platform.
  • We float various themes for each month for contributors to write. Once moderated we publish fresh content every week.
  • We connect with real life heroes and share their stories with you.